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The End

Make of this what you will, but have recently found myself pondering the content of the self-indulgent blog post I’m supposed to write when I stop writing about video games. Reckon my options are: A) Be nice and thank all the people who deserve it; B) Be vile and slate all the people who deserve it; C) Don’t write one at all because I’m not American.

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I wear a Fez now

My Top 25 favourite (modern) Doctor Who episodes/runs ever:

(NOTE: A further edit to include the ‘Of The Doctor’ trilogy, although ‘Name’ has now dropped off the list)

1. The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang (S5/12,13)
2. A Good Man Goes to War (S6/E7)
3. Human Nature/The Family of Blood (S3/E8,9)
4. The Time of the Doctor (2013 Christmas Special)
5. Vincent and the Doctor (S5/E10)
6. Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead (S4/E9,10)
7. Let’s Kill Hitler (S6/E8)
8. Asylum of the Daleks (S7/E1)
9. The Lodger (S5/E11)
10. The Girl in the Fireplace (S2/E4)

11. The Day of the Doctor (50th Anniversary Special)
12. The Impossible Astronaut/The Day of the Moon (S5/E12,13)
13. Blink (S3/E10)
14. The Parting of the Ways (S1/E13)
15. Utopia (S3/E11)
16. Doomsday (S2/E13)
17. Turn Left/The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End (S4/E11,12,13)
18. Amy’s Choice (S5/E7)
19. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (S7/E2)
20. The Waters of Mars (S4/E16)
21. The End of Time (S4/E17,18)
22. The Bells of Saint John (S7/E6)
23. The Doctor’s Wife (S6/E3)
24. Closing Time (S6/E12)
25. The Doctor the Widow and the Wardrobe (2011 Christmas Special)


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Good surprise to receive yours the message. :)I am glad,

Thanks to communicate with me.

I hope, that you have time to send to me, some messages and we could, that

To study each other. Well… Now I will write not much about me.  

To me of 24 years, my name Gulnara. I live in Russia, city Kazan.

I was never married and I do not have children, I live one, I rent apartment. 

My work is interesting, but also sometimes it seems for me heavy and I want not much another.

I work as the nurse, I am engaged in education of children.

Tell to me about yours work. You love your work?

I also like to travel, and I love new the various

Places, but my work does not allow me to travel often. I have

It is a lot of friends, we have spent time together, usually we go to cafe to cinema on

Concerts, we have many other entertainments. Also I prefer

Healthy style of a life. 2-3 times during a week I visit gymnastics. I

Hold my body in the healthy form. And you have any sports

Competitions in a life now? Tell to me. I send you my pictures, I

I hope, that you love. Also I want it you send me some

Your pictures. Also tell about you, about yours interesting things, that you love

To make, your hobby, what your character? I hope, that we will have

Time to write another interesting letters to each other. We

Let’s look, that will be… Write to me, I will wait yours

The letter.

Your friend Gulnara.

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Stephen Hughes on the absurd modern culture of offense.

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